Explore their waterfalls, lakes, & fern garden

45 minutes away but well worth the trip

Canonteign Falls is situated within Dartmoor National Park in the heart of Devon’s Teign Valley, natural and manmade waterfalls tumble down ancient rock formations to meet the tranquil lakes below, offering some of the most spectacular waterfall and woodland scenery in Devon.

A breathtaking sight, described by one visitor as “one of the most idyllic places on earth”, wildlife thrives in the peace and tranquillity that makes the Falls a haven for both adults and children alike. Mossy pathways lead you on three scenic walks catering for all ages and abilities, whilst our Victorian Fern Garden and the Secret Garden are fascinating places to learn about history, geology, plant life and trees.

There are two sets of waterfalls at Canonteign: the natural falls which have existed in the valley since time immemorial and the spectacular Lady Exmouth Falls, named after the 3rd Lady Exmouth and built under her direction in 1890.

During the winter of 2009, heavy snow fell on the branches of the laurel in the old fern garden at Canonteign causing them to break. Once clearing was undertaken, new areas of a fern garden were discovered which had lain dormant for decades and so began the current restoration programme.

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