River Cottage HQ

River Cottage HQ

Only a 5 minute drive away

We are only a 5 minute drive to River Cottage HQ making us one of the closest B&B's. With so many courses and dining experiences you will want to visit again and again. It has such a major following that we regularly welcome guests from all over the world.

Why not choose a dining event at River Cottage HQ in their seventeenth century barn. Special events are also held at River Cottage HQ throughout the year.

River Cottage Courses

Whether you are an amateur cook, food enthusiast or a full-blown smallholder, there's a course to inspire you. Lasting from one to four days, the courses hosted by the River Cottage team of experts and authors have an emphasis on local, seasonal produce with a nose-to-tail approach.

You can also learn about bea keeping, hedgerow & mushroom foraging.. the list goes on.