Visit A La Ronde

An 18th-century 16-sided house

Only a 45 minute drive away

Enter a magical world, a sixteen-sided house inspired by the incredible adventures of two fiercely independent spinster cousins, Mary and Jane Parminter, who went on a tour around Europe.

From walls lovingly decorated with hundreds of feathers and shells, to quirky diamond shaped windows, this house is truly unique. Have a wander around the surreal Octagon room with eight doors leading off it; which one will you choose?

The Shell Gallery is a unique work of art, get inspired by this stunning natural canvas created from around 25,000 individual shells. Due to the fragility of the collection the Shell Gallery can only be viewed using their 360 virtual tour on touchscreen.

Kokedama forest is a Japanese art where a ball of moss covered soil is used to grow plants from, and can be hung from a tree. Over the winter there have been more than 1000 spring bulbs planted and this year, these include many different varieties which will bloom together to create a beautiful display of colour.

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